Selected Recent Talks


Columbia University Astrophysics (April 2014)
Earth-Life Science Institute Tokyo Institute of Technology (April 2014)
Naval Research Laboratory (March 2014)
University of Bern Center for Space and Habitability (October 2013)
Caltech Department of Geological and Planetary Sciences (May 2013)
UC Berkeley Astronomy Department (April 2013)
Franklin Institute Rittenhouse Astronomical Society (March 2013)
• "Origins of Life" conference at Princeton Center for Theoretical Science (January 2013)
AAS session on planets around stellar remnants (January 2013)
CITA (October 2012)
Amherst College Physics Department (February 2012)
• "Planets Around Stellar Remnants" at Arecibo (January 2012)
New York Astrobiology Center at RPI (November 2011)
NYU CCPP seminar (November 2011)
• "Future of Astronomy: Fellows at the Frontiers of Astronomy" conference at Northwestern (September 2011)
Wellesley College Astronomy Department (March 2011)
University of Wisconsin, Madison Astronomy Department (February 2011)
University of Bordeaux Observatory (January 2011)
AAS session on habitability (January 2011)
Harvard/CfA SSP seminar (November 2010)
Goddard Space Flight Center (October 2010)
Space Telescope Science Institute (October 2010)
• "Revisiting the Habitable Zone" workshop at University of Washington (August 2010)
Penn State Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds (August 2010)
• Subaru Strategic Exploration of Exoplanets and Disks workshop (July 2010)
University of Tokyo Exo-Earths Symposium (May 2010)
• "Japan Geosciences Union" conference in Tokyo, Habitability session (May 2010)
• "Milutin Milankovitch 130th Anniversary Symposium" in Belgrade, Serbia (September 2009)
Stanford KIPAC/SLAC colloquium (June 2008)

(Full list available upon request.)

Radio interview with me about exoplanets on NPR affiliate WAMC
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