Selected Publicity


It has been fun to have some of my work catch a tiny bit of limelight from the broader community. Here are a few projects that drew some notice:

A statistical method of quantifying the minimum atmospheric height of an exoplanet, that I worked on together with David Kipping and Dimitar Sasselov of CfA, was featured on Yahoo News.

• The discovery of a low-mass, directly-imaged exoplanet around GJ 504 led to a press release and attention from

• In summer of 2011, a collaboration with David Kipping of CfA, dubbed "The Darkest World" (Kipping & Spiegel 2011 MNRAS), was briefly the top news story on Yahoo News and was also written up on, among other sites. This also one of many topics covered in a radio interview with me about exoplanets on NPR affiliate WAMC.

A Bayesian analysis of the astrobiological implications of the early emergence of life on Earth, in collaboration with Ed Turner (Spiegel & Turner 2012 PNAS), led to a press release and attracted the attention of The Huffington Post, MIT's magazine Technology Review, The Trenton Times, and more. (Note that the Technology Review piece mischaracterizes our work somewhat.)

A few more experiences were fun but didn't lead to much actual publicity.

Radio interview with me about exoplanets on NPR affiliate WAMC
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