My research has focused on understanding the structure, composition, and evolution of gas-giant exoplanets, and on understanding what properties of terrestrial planets would make them habitable to water-based life. In addition, I am interested in orbital and tidal dynamics, astrobiology, applications of probability and statistics to astrophysics, observational cosmology, and stellar evolution.

More detailed description of my research

IAS15, an optimal N-body integrator
Red-giant hot Jupiters and their fates
Evolution of interiors and atmospheres of jovian bodies
Atmospheric characterization of exoplanets
Astrobiology, origins of life, and habitability
High-energy astrophysics and cosmology

Selected collaborators (alphabetical)
Gaspar Bakos (Princeton) • Cullen Blake (Penn) • Adam Burrows (Princeton) • Courtney Dressing (Caltech) • Jonathan Fortney (UCSC) • Yuka Fujii (GISS) • David Kipping (Columbia) • Michael McElwain (GSFC) • Kristen Menou (Toronto) • Andrei Mesinger (Pisa) • Brian Metzger (Columbia) • Madhu Nikku (Cambridge) • Jason Nordhaus (RIT) • Greg Novak (Stitch Fix) • Aaron Parsons (Berkeley) • Emily Rauscher (Michigan) • Sean Raymond (Bordeaux) • Hanno Rein (Toronto) • Dimitar Sasselov (CfA) • Caleb Scharf (Columbia) • Edwin Turner (Princeton)

Radio interview with me about exoplanets on NPR affiliate WAMC
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email: phone: (646)346-4610